Monday, 23 January 2012


Improved payload compared to Bhaskara-1. 

Successful operation during mission life. Despite the problem faced by one of the two onboard cameras, sent more than two thousand images which were used for many studies. 

this satellite was launched on 20.11.1981

MissionExperimental Remote Sensing
Weight444 kg
onboard power47 Watts
CommunicationVHF band
StabilizationSpin stabilized (spin axis controlled)
PayloadTV cameras, three band Microwave Radiometer (SAMIR)
Launch dateNov 20, 1981
Launch siteVolgograd Launch Station (presently in Russia)
Launch vehicleC-1 Intercosmos
Orbit541 x 557 km
Mission lifeOne year (nominal)
Orbital LifeAbout 10 years ( Re-entered in 1991 )

This image is of bhaskara-2 Satellite

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