Monday, 23 January 2012

Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE)

APPLE was used for nearly two years to carry out extensive experiments on time, frequency and code division multiple access systems, radio networking computer inter connect, random access and pockets witching experiments.

This satellite was launched 19.06.1981

MissionExperimental geostationary communication
Weight670 kg
Onboard Power
210 Watts
CommunicationVHF and C-band
StabilizationThree axis stabilized (biased momentum) with Momentum Wheels, Torquers &  Hydrazine based Reaction control system
PayloadC - band transponders (Two)
Launch DateJune19,1981
Launch SiteKourou (CSG), French Guyana
Launch VehicleAriane -1(V-3)
OrbitGeosynchronous (102 deg. E  longitude, over Indonesia)
InclinationNear zero
Mission lifeTwo years

This image is of APPLE satellite

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